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Synonyms for loading

a quantity that can be processed or transported at one time

the ratio of the gross weight of an airplane to some factor determining its lift

goods carried by a large vehicle

the labor of putting a load of something on or in a vehicle or ship or container etc.

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Includes loading chamber for mounting above-machine hopper and separate power unit for mounting at ground level for easy maintenance.
Depending on loading capacities of the sites, cargoes were shifted to maintain movement momentum.
1997) tested MPC heel and tension splice joints with a variety of dynamic loads, including a historical earthquake simulation, an artificially generated earthquake simulation, sequential phased displacement (SPD) loading, and cyclic loads.
com) is a rich source for information about optimal intermodal and rail car loading practices.
0's Loader Wizard, provides "best-of-breed" data-loading solutions, bringing IT professionals the fastest approach to loading data.
Units available for direct-feed or hopper loading and for evacuating barrels or gaylords, granulator catch bins and other storage containers.
This loading was repeated three times at axial force 300 N, 500 N and 700 N for a total 600[degrees] rotation (200[degrees] repeated three times).
As to the discharge, the Bulgarian Army was responsible for the transportation, staging and loading of all cargo from the dock onto the vessel.
However, fatigue strength for variable amplitude loading is not a constant material property and any calculations are necessarily built on a number of assumptions.
Another key factor in successfully loading barges, Bedwell says, is making certain the type of equipment a company has matches up with the type of material it is loading and unloading.
Self-contained loaders with lid-mounted vacuum motors (maintenance-free brushless motors on many units) include DustBeater available in two sizes, in carbon or stainless steel and as either hopper loading or direct-feed units with glass viewing chambers.
He's the most knowledgeable man in loading a Large, Medium-Speed, Roll-on/Roll-Off Ship in the country," said Selby.
From this result, the low speed of dynamic loading does not produce the static stiffness obtained in the static test.
The huge dryer door opening is the largest in the industry, making loading and unloading a breeze.
Self-contained loaders with lid-mounted vacuum motors include DustBeater, which is available in two sizes, in carbon or stainless steel and as either hopper loading or direct-feed units with glass viewing chambers.