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an extensive grassy and nearly treeless plain (especially in Latin America)

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period before the company took a $100m write-down on inventory of its Llano
The Junior Maroons kept their hot form in the next stanza with Javi de Llano and Allane Barles joining the fray.
As Llano observes, one of Collet's meanderings anticipates "the hybrid [racial] formulation of Spanish identity and history that historian Americo Castro would uphold, more famously and polemically, in his Espana y su historia (1948)--written in exile from the Franco dictatorship" (p.
Llano denuncia y hace ver como hoy el poder economico, el poder politico y el poder mediatico van unidos.
Para ello Llano, sugerente ensayista, amigo de la ironia y la exposicion indirecta, buscara un interlocutor valido.
No obstante el aparente desbarajuste y las mutilaciones, Garcia Bonilla concluye su articulo, publicado en el suplemento Laberinto del diario Milenio con esta cita del critico Gerald Martin: "Cualesquiera que sean los rumbos y percepciones de la critica, nada impedira, que <<El Llano en llamas>> siga siendo un clasico latinoamericano ni que <<Pedro Paramo>> sea de las obras literarias mas perfectas de la literatura universal .
There's many mentally ill people, and we have some in Llano.
En sus dos obras anteriores, Llano (2008 y 2010) escribe sus memorias.
At Block 36, Llanos (Colombia), Quetzal started the acquisition of a 110sq km 3D seismic survey, on January 8, 2011.
The Llano APU is made on GlobalFoundries' 32nm high-K metal gate (HKMG) process, is DX11-capable and features a quad-core Athlon II-class processor, not the recently unveiled Bobcat architecture.
The 57th annual meeting of the Southwestern Association of Naturalists will be held 22-24 April 2010 in Junction, Texas, at Texas Tech's Llano River Field Station.
Initially operating from an office he created by converting his daughter's bedroom, Llano financed his $60,000 startup with equity from his home and credit cards.
Americans United has asked the Army to rein in the activities of Chaplain Josh Llano at Camp Bushmaster in Iraq.
I am confident that Chaplain [Josh] Llano does not, has not and will not use coercion in the exercise of his official responsibilities," said Chaplain [Col.
perforata, that Llano had found on Santa Rosa Island in Florida.
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