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wild or domesticated South American cud-chewing animal related to camels but smaller and lacking a hump

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We were worried one of the other llamas had kicked him and caused an injury.
A spokesman for Southeastern said: "Network Rail warned us that six to eight llamas were seen near the line around Hildenborough.
When the Spanish came to South America in the early 1500s and brought sheep with them, it was baaaad news for the llama.
It may be mentioned that llama is the origin of South America and belong to the family of camel and alpaca.
Me, I can barely handle a well-mannered llama on a leash; maneuvering a loaded horse-drawn wagon seems inconceivable.
The Moulten Llama performs with Gut, Wrought Iron Hex, Seismic Supershear at 9 p.
MANY teenagers will be asking for the latest Xbox for Christmas, but all 14-year-old Cai wants is the safe return of his pet llama Louis.
Animal lover Laura Jane, who works for Boots chemist, said: "David proposed when we had been llama trekking.
Para German de la Vega, que tambien me llama (la atencion).
Sincronizacion de la onda folicular mediante el uso de buserelina en llama (Lama glama).
Llama Llama Red Pyjama Anna Dewdney (Orchard Books, PS11.
YOU feel calmer when you walk with a llama, according to Midland farmers.
Though barely half the vertical height of a llama, the bigger animals are apparently nervous of it and will have to slowly get used to their new friend.
GRAHAM YOUNG VISITS NATIONAL FOREST LLAMA TREKS ''DON'T stand behind a llama," says Dave Butler.