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a living (or once living) entity

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The "soul" as the principle of life in any living thing has also been used with respect to plants and animals, as a way to distinguish them from inanimate things.
given me an understanding that every living thing has value.
A team of researchers has discovered a tree in northern California that has taken over the title of the world's tallest living thing.
A tree in California has taken over the title of the world's tallest living thing.
Indeed, living in a zoo, or even a sanctuary, is not the ideal condition for any living thing bred to live wild.
From its beginnings in central Asia to its movement across Europe, the Black Death seemed to destroy virtually any living thing it touched--and the drama and are captured in a vivid narrative which brings the facts to life in THE GREAT MORTALITY.
She said: "We describe ourselves as the body of Christ and a body is a living thing and living things do change continually.
Then maybe we won't so easily toss a hundred-year-old living thing aside and rev up the lawn mower.
I find it rather pathetic that people who consider themselves to be good find nothing wrong with the brutalization of another living thing.
We didn't hurt any person or any living thing," says one member.
An environmental ethic of loving/compassionate wisdom thus requires respect and affirmation of the intrinsic value of all living things: the value that each and every living thing has in and for itself.
She tells about the experiences, awakenings and encounters she's had over the years that made her begin to realize that caring for creation and participating in preserving every living thing in the natural world is a spiritual stewardship that we are all entrusted withOand that we can all do something about.
Bobbie Kalman's LIVING THINGS NEED WATER (0778732320), PLANTS ARE LIVING THINGS (0778732339), and IS IT A LIVING THING (0778732304) holds large print words and pictures with easy science perfect for classrooms.
A REDWOOD tree recently found in a remote forest has been hailed as the tallest living thing in the world.
Vulnerable to infection if he came into contact with any living thing, the character was apparently doomed to live out his life in a hermetically sealed, germ-free environment.