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any plant of the genus Lithops native to Africa having solitary yellow or white flowers and thick leaves that resemble stones

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Ge mid lufan sibbe, leohte geleafan, to pam lifgendan stane stidhydge stapol foestniad (652b-654) Do ye with love of peace and clear belief, stout of heart, set your foundation on the Living stone.
Peter, named "the Rock," is credited with writing, "like living stones, let yourselves be built into a spiritual house" (1 Peter 2:5).
The expectation is not fulfilled, however, for the language of the second part, "The Living Stone," deteriorates to the level of journalese.
DEME says that it will use its new vessel fleet which includes its LNG dual-fuel hoppers, Minerva and Scheldt River, as well as its DP3 cable installation vessel, Living Stone, to carry out the works.
Knowing that pilgrimages to the Holy Land are an excellent way to connect Christians of the Holy Land with Christians around the world, and that this is the best way to promote understanding and peace in the region, establishing Living Stone Pilgrimages to the Holy Land in Chile was a top priority.
1 Peter 2 verses 4-10 which speaks of the Living Stone and a Chosen People was read by Ali Baxter.
When we last saw Merle, the 14-year-old heroine of Book 1, The Water Mirror, she was flying off on the back of a living stone lion to seek help to save the city of Venice, under siege by the undead soldiers of the Egyptian Empire.
to its gift portfolio, which includes Snow Buddies, Living Stone, Xpres and West End Studio.
DEME will use its new fleet of vessels to implement the works, including hoppers Minerva and Scheldt River and DP3 cable installation ship Living Stone.
The lesson from Peter Chapter 2, verses 1-10 - The Living Stone and the Holy Nation - was read by Hannah Parkinson.
He reminded his readers that each of them constituted a living stone that was part of a spiritual construct, the Architect of which was God.
Mary's in Palmdale, Sacred Heart in Lancaster and Living Stone Cathedral of Worship in Littlerock, since refurbishment started in February.
There are rumblings of trouble: Achmed is trying to rebuild his Lightcatcher in the land of Bolg, and the evil mage Talquist has used the Scales in the Place of Weighing to transform Living Stone into an abomination.
It has two other divisions: Xpres, which manufactures licensed and custom mugs and specialty products; and Living Stone, a line of realistic sculptures of wildlife and domestic animals.
DEME will deploy a new fleet to carry out the work, including cable installation vessel Living Stone and hoppers Minerva and Scheldt.