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Corus employee Simon Bell checks the living quarters that will provide modular accommodation for soldiers based in Aldershot and Salisbury Plain
Refundability is usually conditional, based on the death of the individual or on the facility owner's finding another resident for the living quarters.
By adding Outlaw interiors to our Hart Horse Trailers, we can offer an industry leading custom trailer with premier custom living quarters.
troops working in Riyadh will move their working and living quarters to a safer site, as well, he said.
1402(a)-4(c)(2), under the caption "Rentals from living quarters," provides:
NYSE:FLR) and Empresas ICA (BMV and NYSE:ICA), today announced a US$90 million contract for modular construction of offshore living quarters for PEMEX Exploration and Production.
Francis Friary, totaling over 50,000 SF of living quarters for the Friars and a new educational center for the Youth and Family Ministry.
But they suggested that Hillary Clinton was responsible for the disappearance of her law firm billing records, which turned up inside the White House living quarters two years after they were subpoenaed by prosecutors.
based in Houma, Louisiana, is a leading fabricator of offshore drilling and production platforms, offshore living quarters and other specialized structures used in the development and production of offshore oil and gas reserves.
Another example would be for the owner to enter their living quarters from the parlor level stoop and rent out the garden level, with its separate entrance.