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an arrangement to allow people (or ideas) to coexist

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And the remaining 22 percent lived in the home of another family member, a non-relative or in a group living arrangement, such as college dormitories.
in recent years, Gallup trends on Americans' living arrangements reveal that the percentage of young adults "living together" has hardly budged.
Results showed also that children living in foster care had a 10%-20% higher probability of being aggressive than another child with the same demographics but a different living arrangement.
3/winterpreview_bigbangtheory/) TV Line , Steve Molaro, executive producer of the show, said that the upcoming episodes will deal with the "future living arrangements regarding Sheldon.
Although there are studies that have explored living arrangement of older persons, such as Masitah and Nazileh (1988), and Wan-Ibrahim et al.
For women, this was the most common living arrangement only in Germany, Cyprus, Luxembourg and Portugal.
7) As a result, once an individual enters the PSID her living arrangement can be tracked for as long as she remains in the survey.
In this study, the socio-economic backdrops, living arrangements, health status and abuse of the women aged 60 years and older in the rural Naogaon district of Bangladesh are examined.
WHAT THEY THINK Parental Living Arrangements Pondered By Women Boomers Your parent(s) remaining in their own home with paid assistance such as home care aid 33% A family care giver such as yourself moves in with your parent(s) so that they can remain in their home 30 Your parent(s) move(s) in with you 43 Your parent(s) move(s) to a facility that offers room, board, and some help with personal care 24 Your parent(s) move(s) into a nursing home 17 Your parent(s) move(s) in with another family member 2 Some other living arrangement 3 I haven't considered anything * Don't know 9 Refused Source: AARP
Are all of your care-level policies in independent living consistent with (and will not "cannibalize") your other living arrangement options on your campus?
Table 2: Characteristics of the living arrangements of Australian children under the age of 15 years Type of living arrangement Two Two biological married parents in biological de facto parents relationship Lives in major city 0.
Regardless of living arrangement, moratorium individuals generally thought of themselves as having experienced greater levels of developmental challenges, academic alienation, and social mistreatment, and as having higher levels of anxiety and depression and lower levels of vitality (energy).
All analyses controlled for family income and welfare receipt and parents' educational attainment, as well as adolescents' age, race, religious affiliation and religiosity, living arrangement and area of residence.
In both years this living arrangement accounted for about 79 per cent of the younger group and 70 per cent of the older group.