livery stable

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stable where horses and vehicles are kept for hire

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Thrushwood Farm farms cows and has a livery stable.
A professional for more than 22 years, Osborne has spent the last six years shoeing more than 150 horses for Cindy's Riding Stable and Jack's Livery Stable on Mackinac Island.
The yznik Museum Directorate also told Doy-an that Roman mosaics found during the excavations go under a livery stable which needs to be expropriated.
Author William Rawlings discusses the growth of Charlie's financial empire, which began with a livery stable.
He recalled a time when there was one farm, a livery stable, a grocery and only a few other buildings.
However, the stranger ignored him, riding to the livery stable and putting up his horse.
The livery stable is the largest outbuilding located northwest of the Princess Place Lodge, a complex of the oldest standing buildings in Flagler County.
Already the old fashioned livery stable has wholly disappeared from our cities, and in the smaller towns and rural communities livery barns are likewise giving way to the establishment of garages.
He clattered off along the frozen ruts beside the river to keep his appointment, planning to visit Rowena in her livery stable that evening.
They told us the Hollywood Canteen was an old livery stable on Cahuenga Boulevard, which was transformed into a super night club.
For the next three years, thousands were drawn to the reclaimed livery stable on Azusa Street to receive this new gift of the Spirit.
93) </pre> <p>Similar fates greet the Hartnetts, who refuse to accept the automobile as a serious threat to their livery stable, and Cleo's husband Bart, who ignores her advice that he consider how emerging chain stores will impact his business.
Ovenstone is one of the newest livery stable facilities in Scotland and was only opened in February this year.
Later, a post office, bank, blacksmith shop, livery stable, and general store were established.