liver sausage

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sausage containing ground liver

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We took home some Chinese chorizo and goose liver sausage.
Foodborne transmission of hepatitis E virus from raw pork liver sausage, France.
Experts also recommend that pregnant women, and those planning to become pregnant, do not eat liver pate or liver sausage because it can contain very high levels of Vitamin A.
Although best known for all natural sausage, Jones Dairy Farm produces high quality hams, bacon, liver sausage and Canadian bacon for consumers around the world.
Feast' seems inappropriate as the celebration consists of gorging on sour ram's testicles, boiled sheep heads, blood pudding, liver sausage and fermented shark.
Consumption of the meat of these wild animals, and of pig liver sausage, all contribute to the HEV epidemiology in the Midi-Pyrenees area because of specific local eating habits.
Although best known for all natural sausage, Jones Dairy Farm also produces high quality hams, bacon, liver sausage, Canadian bacon and scrapple for consumers around the world.
Liver sausage from the deli counters of supermarkets makes a tempting treat for training cats and dogs.
The company produces high quality breakfast sausage, ham, Canadian bacon, bacon, liver sausage and scrapple that is sold worldwide.
In 2011, an outbreak of HEV4 in France was associated with consumption of figatelli, a liver sausage that is traditionally consumed uncooked (5).
Tag salmon, ozorowy brawn, black pudding thick, smoked liver sausage.
Four samples of pork liver sausage (designated sausages A-D) collected at the final production stage from 4 independent manufacturers in 3 locations in southern France were found to be HEV positive by using real-time reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR).
In Japan, foodborne transmission of HEV through ingestion of contaminated Sika deer, wild boar, and pig meat has been demonstrated (2) and, in France, after ingestion of pig liver sausage (3).
Of the 11 case-patients, 6 (55%), including the 2 with HEV-4, ate uncooked pig liver sausage (figatelli [2]) (Table 2).