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a variable load on a structure (e


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Force change caused by live load and temperature change ([H.
The daily operation of the entire facility was placed in jeopardy when the roof deck could no longer meet the live load capacity for which it was originally designed.
Depending on the method of construction, the difference between a floor that has the loading capacity of 150 pounds per square foot live load or one with 300 pounds may only be a dollar or two more for each square foot erected.
At this point in the development of loss-of-weight feeding, there were still some disadvantages, one being the very large dead load to live load ratio of the hopper and feeder equipment related to the actual ingredient quantity to be weighed.
The technical document provides guidance based on AASHTO Standard Specifications with an HL93 Live Load that must be modified to meet local construction codes and site requirements.
The large amplitude and cyclical response from the various wind-induced vibration result in repeated live load stress variations, which can significantly reduce the fatigue life of these structures.
To date, a total of 1,064 AMR meters have been installed on 85 grid stations of FESCO that are reporting live load data information to perform effective load management and curtailing unscheduled load shedding.
The USAID technical team initiated operation in the Power Distribution Centre established by USAID for GEPCO of monitoring screens presenting continuous actual live load data from the 51 GEPCO grid stations and 674 GEPCO feeders, providing GEPCO Power Distribution Centre operators for the first time an immediate display of near real time actual load and load shedding status of GEPCOs system.
The transfer route of loads acting on the bridge (the load history) is also specified: the entire dead load g acts on the cable, while the live load p is carried both by the stiffening girder [p.
The 2003 International Residential Code[R] (IRC[R]) specifies a live load of 40 pounds per [ft.
The objectives of this research are to define (1) a manageable set of envelope or notional vehicles that represent the fleet of husbandry-type vehicles and (2) live load and dynamic impact analysis factors for the distribution IoH-type vehicles to bridges and structures.