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the body of a living animal or person

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The live body measurements and carcass traits were analyzed simultaneously using two different animal models to estimate heritability and genetic correlation coefficients among the traits.
Overall, the supplementation of the blend in feed 120gm / 50 kg significantly influence on the feed consumption, water intake, live body weight and growth performance in broiler chickens.
Wagtail UK s Live Body Detection Dogs are trained to detect the presence of human scent concealed in or on freight and vehicles leaving Northern France bound for the UK.
Wagtail UK's live body detection dogs are trained to detect the presence of human scent concealed in or on freight and vehicles bound for the UK.
The present study was carried out to establish the relationship between live body weight and some body measurements in Kajli sheep as a step toward employing in body weight estimation for selection and other purposes.
It was therefore designed the present investigation to make best prediction of live body weight of Beetal goat under the environmental condition of Punjab.
The results of the effects of varying lighting treatments on the live body weight, live body weight gain, daily feed consumption and feed conversion efficiency of broiler chicken are shown in Table 1.
With obvious references to the history of live bodies in exhibition spaces and "performances" as art-objects, Le Roy attempted in this workshop to rethink the relationship of the exhibited live body to the exhibition setting.
Dietary treatment had significant effect on relative weights of heart and duodenum to live body weight.
When feed costs required to obtain SNE flocks having a total live body weight equal to equivalent healthy flocks at market age were calculated, the increased cost to producers ranged from US$370.
He explained that his dogs, which have been sent across the world after quakes and other catastrophes, "would bark if they found a live body and would start digging if they found a dead body.
Martin said the Eugene show will be somewhat tamer than the racy Portland series, but he didn't rule out the possibility of partial nudity, live body piercings and other forms of alternative expression.
Showed live body during exhibition season, so will be kept around to see if he develops.
Live Body foam (shown on ant at left) is a cylindrical foam that comes in many different diameters (down to 1/32") and colors.