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the body of a living animal or person

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This data is streamed to phones and mp3-players through wired or wireless links, enabling live body metrics, training, and coaching via fitness applications on mobile devices and online.
Wagtail UK's live body detection dogs are trained to detect the presence of human scent concealed in or on freight and vehicles bound for the UK.
The gain in live body weight of the control rats meant that the rats were still in the active growth phase.
Table 1: Body Weights (g), Testicular Weights (g) and Testicular Volumes (mL) Parameter Varicocelized without Vitamin C Initial Live Body Weight 190.
You demeaned your father in life and in death, not least by what you did with his body, his still live body.
Showed live body during exhibition season, so will be kept around to see if he develops.
3 - How easy is it to speak with a live body if I have a problem?
Wagtail also supply dogs, handlers and training for a variety of other roles including live body detection dogs, firearms, explosives, drugs, cash, tobacco, human remains (cadaver) and also provides search and rescue dogs.
His newest work accentuates the intersection of fabric and body through the use of fabric draped over a live model, molded and casted - leaving an illusory fabric sheet mimicking the moment it covered a live body.
Dietary treatment had significant effect on relative weights of heart and duodenum to live body weight.
The results of the effects of varying lighting treatments on the live body weight, live body weight gain, daily feed consumption and feed conversion efficiency of broiler chicken are shown in Table 1.
At its launch, Harvey Nichols window display was transformed into a live body art installation.
And in June the sniffer dog company were awarded a highly sought after contract to provide live body detection dog teams to help detect illegal immigrants heading to the UK from French ports.
Contract Awarded to Provide Live Body Detection dog teams at ports in Northern France
A Midnight Glow - the official launch party for War+Drobe will kick-off the weekend of visual inspiration featuring live body painting by John Born, skateboard demonstrations and performances by James Fauntleroy of Cocaine 80s.