littoral zone

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the region of the shore of a lake or sea or ocean

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The presence of larvae in the littoral zone in both estuaries correlated with date, depth, and all sampling devices, as well as with interaction terms (Table 3).
These small fishes feed mainly on pelagic zooplankton and use a variety of reproductive substrates (gill nets, buoys, floating branches) that can be located far from the littoral zone (Rojas-Carrillo, 2006; Moncayo-Estrada et al.
Generally, cladocerans preferred stations close to the littoral zone (pelagial-reeds and Ceratophyllum) where 12 and 10 species were found, respectively.
Macroinvertebrate distribution in the littoral zone of Lake Coleridge, South Island, New Zealand - effects of habitat stability, wind exposure, and macrophytes.
This article will explore A littoral Zone (1991)--Livingstone's penultimate (eighth) volume of poetry--from a narratological point of view to demonstrate the value such an approach has for the elucidation and enrichment of specific themes found in this volume.
Wind generated surface waves are the principal source of energy input into the littoral zone.
Sampling stations were located using a Garmin GPS, where rooted and floating vegetation was at the littoral zone of the reservoir and at streams mouths.
Twenty-seven surface sediment samples were collected in November 2005 from the littoral zone of Lago Peten Itza, across a N-S transect and at water depths to a maximum of 160m.
But the big bass feed all day, too, along the outer edge of thick vegetation that covers much of Toho's littoral zone.
His conception of littoral society, the notion of permeability as the defining characteristic of the littoral zone, and the interpenetration of sea and land underlie the argumentation of the rest of the papers of the volume.