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a person who litters public places with refuse

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NCGA's structure is unique and very different from other commodity associations," says Litterer.
A Review of Research on the Effectiveness of Self-help Litterer Allumbaugh, D.
Lewicki & Litterer (1985) declare that sites are not inherently neutral, they are perceived as neutral; a lounge is not inherently "warm" or "cold", but rather perceived that way by virtue of the decor that is used.
A couple of years into the program, follow-up market research revealed that much of the litter on Texas roadways now was "accidental" litter and that the average age of the litterer was a bit higher than before.
As all who were conscious at that political moment recall, Guthrie deposited the remains of a dinner cooked by one Alice Brock outside a garbage dump on that historic day, found himself arrested by a phalanx of police, and thus, as a felony litterer, was excused from serving in the Vietnam war.
Contractor name : LITTERER GERE[pounds sterling]STBAU GMBH
There was a time I wouldn't have thought twice about saying something to a litterer, but obviously I've devolved (is that a word?
Research indicates that the development of alternative plans is critical to resolving disputes (Lewicki and Litterer, 1985; Pruitt, 1981; Roloff and Jordan, 1991, 1992).
If I were a litterer, which I am not, I would be sure which sign I would take more notice of
Of course, the problem of litter is at its disgusting worse at this time of year and you'll notice almost every tree, hedgerow, verge and embankment is marked by the litterer.
Similar fines will be given to every filthy spitter and litterer, with traffic wardens redeployed to enforce compliance while retired Sergeant Majors will make these 'orrible people clean up their mess - with a toothbrush for their first offence and their tongues for a second and all subsequent ones.
There was a time when a litterer or an unscrupulous developer in Fulton County, Ga.
Previously we were limited in our ability to control restricted USB devices without also affecting acceptable devices like USB mice and keyboards," said Bob Litterer, Information Security Manager for TKT.
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Do they let the litterer go so they can go after the burglar or wait for the PCSO to issue the litter ticket so they can meet their target?