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Synonyms for littered

filled or scattered with a disorderly accumulation of objects or rubbish


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A table in the center was littered with English magazines and newspapers, though none of them were of very recent date.
It was littered with scraps of carrot, shreds of green stuff, and indescribable filth.
The floor was littered with smashed hardware; the end of the kitchen towards the house was broken into, and since the daylight shone in there, it was evident the greater part of the house had collapsed.
This last apartment was a sort of dark room, littered with papers.
On the far side, the ground was littered with clothes and guns.
Fast along- side a wharf, littered like any ship in port with a tangle of unrelated things, invaded by unrelated shore people, I had hardly seen her yet properly.
They would hook up and haul in a drenched man and a half-sunk boat, till their decks were littered down with nests of dories and the bunks were full.
He saw - Indian bungalows are open through and through the Englishman return to a small dressing-room, in a comer of the veranda, that was half office, littered with papers and despatch- boxes, and sit down to study Mahbub Ali's message.
But then I remembered the pile of papers and bills with which his study table was littered.
This bottom was littered with great gobbets of flesh, most of which was in the last state of putridity.
He realized that it is more of a satire on aristocracy than if it were choked with weeds and littered with ruins.