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a person who litters public places with refuse

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In Hong Kong they've certainly come up with something fresh E-fits of the face of the litterbug created from the DNA on their rubbish and projected on billboards.
For example, a litterbug would hear this request: 'The gentleman in the dark-coloured suit, you are on CCTV and have been witnessed dropping litter.
The Litterbug was created in 1952 to help publicize PRC's popular campaign "Don't Be a Litterbug.
Agencies like the Emirates Environmental Group valiantly attempt to clean up small areas of the city with the help of volunteers (including myself) only for arrogant litterbug to dirty those areas within minutes.
A LITTERBUG who dropped the wrapper of his 99p burger in the street must pay pounds 526 or he could go to jail.
WITH reference to the letter Litterbug Tourist (08.
I WRITE with regard to the article in the Examiner, 'Hit litterbug drivers with licence points'.
A LITTERBUG was fined for leaving bin bags outside another person's house.
SINGER Lulu has nothing to shout about when it comes to being a litterbug as she spits out her chewing gum.
A LITTERBUG has been fined pounds 2,000 after pleading guilty to dumping black rubbish bags on a Midland pub car park.
If the council is certain better evidence than just word alone is needed to prosecute a litterbug case, it may choose to invest in better refuse facilities and education as the cheaper option.
Winning photos are published in PRC's quarterly newsmagazine Environmental Living and posted on the Litterbug website.
ONCE again I find myself being drawn into replying to a nonsense letter regarding smokers (Must Keep Tabs On Litterbug Smokers, 11.
SECOND THOUGHTS: The man realises he's being filmed, runs off, but then comes back to pick up his litter' OH NO YOU DON'T: Sonia Scowcroft shames the litterbug
In hundreds of photos taken by Pennsylvania shutterbugs and submitted to the Pennsylvania Resources Council's (PRC) 18th annual Lens on Litter contest, evidence of the litterbug was everywhere.