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a metric unit of capacity, formerly defined as the volume of one kilogram of pure water under standard conditions

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6 litres and 2 litres; and 104% for cars with a capacity of more than 2 litres.
37 billion litres, its lowest level since Government records began in 1992.
Washing hands and/or face - with tap running: six litres per minute; with plugged basin: six litres.
Robotic Herd: The herd averaged 50 pedigree Holstein-Friesians with an average of 44 in milk achieving a yield of 7,413 litres, down from 8,952 in 2004.
73 per litre in petrol price and kept the HOBC price unchanged due to increase in Petroleum Levy.
Therefore, carbon tax to the tune of Rs 10 per litre is being charged on petrol, Rs 8 per litre on high speed diesel, Rs 6 per litre on kerosene oil, Rs 3 per litre on light diesel and Rs 14 per litre on high octane.
It is remarkable how constant the feed rate per litre is from our top performing herds.
In media interviews we have provided an example, if an average retail selling price on a four litre bag of regular milk is $3.
A lock-up off the A1, in Washington, saw 41,111 litres of beer, 23,164 litres of wine and 4,086 litres of mixed spirits seized.