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understatement for rhetorical effect (especially when expressing an affirmative by negating its contrary)

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In a closing litotes, Wordsworth hopes the day of Thanksgiving, and presumably his poem on it, both provide "An offering not unworthy" (353).
Despite the acknowledgments on how diverse cultures enhance Canadian society, the guide places English and French on a higher semantic level than other languages, as seen in the litotes that present fluency on French and English as bilingualism, leaving any other language as belonging to other cultural groups.
concluding with the litotes "she has completed her task" (174).
Tropes (figurative language) include metaphors, similes, metonymy, periphrasis, personification, hyperbole, litotes, rhetorical questions, irony, and paradoxes.
Si las paradojas ambivalentes y las "metaforas vivas" (Ricoeur) habian sido hasta ahora el recurso mas rentable para la canalizacion de la sensibilidad mistica, ahora para poetizar la experiencia de la Nada, las litotes, logicamente, desempenan un papel determinante:
18) Though the appearance of oft (as opposed to a 'always') in this proverb may seem to suggest that wyrd may sometimes behave in other ways, it is worth noting that oft can provide "the temporal generalization required by proverbs, especially if 'oft' is read as litotes for 'always'" (Deskis 2013: 675).
Tous ces leitmotivs grossierement mis en relief sont traites, a travers des metaphores et litotes savamment et habilement mis sur scene, par l'intermediaire des artistes de talent.
If we can communicate our thoughts in a very usual way, the usage of a synecdoche, a metaphor, a metonymy, a litotes, etc.
Recit (16) interpella Pos Le cote subjectif (14) faisait expres S Notations (1) je lui reproche B En partie double (2) il dit et profere Pos Retrograde (5) il venait de protester Pos Partial (52) il se poussa de cote de P l'indignation en accusant Reactionnaire (66) ce dernier ne riposte pas Pos Litotes (3) parla S Negativites (18) un rageur My Pronostications (8) il le lui dira S b.
The ruined poem asks us to remember the lost whole, and by the end of the poem, despite all the prosy language--those etcs, the litotes ('my tidier lines'), the cliches ('the point is'), and all that humble conversationalism--we still know nothing about how the poem got written; it remains a secret, a message in a bottle carefully addressed to no one.
Obama favors the figure of speech known as litotes, the deliberate understatement.
Woolf prefers to represent both the war and the 1918 influenza pandemic through litotes or understatement, emphasizing the public repression of emotion toward these catastrophes still common among most of Clarissa's fellow Londoners" (81).
When Jonathan Swift sardonically wrote, "Last week I saw a woman flayed, and you will hardly believe how much it altered her appearance," be was taking advantage of the power of litotes, a deliberate understatement that helps make a point.
The modesty in order to produce a certain acceptation and friends, but figured as having a boomerang effect (a litotes for him a hyperbole for others and, in fact, hyperbole for him), and the choice to sacrifice, making the kitchen of exile, because this side was one of niche.