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a coloring material (obtained from lichens) that turns red in acid solutions and blue in alkaline solutions

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com/dont-narrative-litmus-test-palestine-not-gilad-atzmon/) You Don't Own My Narrative: The Litmus Test is Palestine, Not Gilad Atzmon appeared first on (http://www.
LITMUS (Linked Irish Traditional Music) seeks to improve searching and access to Web-based Irish traditional music, song, and dance resources through the development of a Linked Data framework.
The portfolio page is a feast for the eyes and bears testimony to the highly amazing, awe-inspiring work done by Litmus Branding for clients across time zones and business communities and service verticals.
Litmus said that Curated helps subject matter experts collect, curate, and publish highly engaging newsletters.
Clinically significant medical burden, defined by a score of 4 or more on the Cumulative Illness Rating Scale (CIRS), was present in 139 of 264 LiTMUS participants with available CIRS data.
The litmus test will be the introduction of an EU-wide collective redress system for the benefit of its 500 million consumers," commented BEUC Director-General Monique Goyens, in a statement released on 22 May.
CDATA[ What might be a good indicator or litmus test of the direction in which Libya is going?
The Savings-to-Employment Income Ratio is a litmus test for estimating the health of an investor's retirement savings and requires only a few pieces of information to calculate.
RESEARCHERS WITH THE NAtional Center for Toxicological Research in Jefferson and Little Rock biotech firm Litmus Rapid-B have developed a method of detecting E.
CAST your mind back to school chemistry lessons using litmus paper to see if a liquid was acidic or alkaline.
Of course, the question also arises at a time when the Catholic right, inside and outside of formal church structures, is increasingly linking Catholic faith to a series of boundary-marking litmus tests.
Elliot: And they all have one thing in common, which I capture in the Soloway Mobile Litmus Test for administrators.
Addressing a conference on Competition, Public Policy and Common Man in the national capital, Mukherjee said that the ability to make the desired innovative changes would be a litmus test for the country.
The product will provide almost any textile with the ability to create a 'twenty-first century' litmus test.