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  • verb

Synonyms for litigate

to institute or subject to legal proceedings

Synonyms for litigate

engage in legal proceedings

institute legal proceedings against

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Berger & Montague's whistleblower practice group, which has recovered well over $1 billion for federal and state governments over the course of the last decade, is committed to filing and litigating qui tam lawsuits under the federal and state False Claims Acts, the SEC whistleblower program, and the IRS whistleblower program.
The arbitrator talked the litigating parties in to an amicable settlement after they reached a reconciliation agreement in one session, according to Mubasheri.
Litigating Premises Security Cases can be purchased for $265 from LeightonLaw.
And this means that the sooner you can evaluate and take steps to maximize your chances of winning a significant issue, determine your capability of litigating the issue, and develop your strategy to deal with the IRS on the issue, the better off you will be.
This development is unusual because historically policyholders have enjoyed great success in litigating the duty-to-defend issue.
Career Highlights: Rice is acclaimed for litigating civil rights cases involving police misconduct, employment discrimination, and fair public resource allocation.
Only once was ``bloated litigation costs'' mentioned, yet if you were to dive a little deeper, you'd find an ocean full of hungry litigating sharks circling the sinking State Fund ship.
Chief Counsel Notice N(35)000-338 (6-5-00) announced a change in the IRS's litigating position on judicial review of its spousal relief determinations.
Q: What is your background as a lawyer, and how did you become interested in litigating against HMOs?
By selecting the right premium fraud cases to litigate and litigating a case to win.
Two years ago, Chicago corporate lawyer Christine Bodewes left a career of litigating securities lawsuits for top companies to volunteer with the Maryknoll Mission Association of the Faithful.
They both find the primary source of change in the minds of litigating individuals.
of Justice (DOJ) trial attorney with more than 20 years of experience litigating federal environmental cases, has joined the law firm of Hunsucker Goodstein & Nelson PC as Senior Counsel.
This year's course will address a variety of topics including: how and when to make Daubert motions, mastering issues relating to discovery, natural resource damage litigation, and litigating during an environmental crisis.
She has appeared before the Tax Court and County Tax Boards of New Jersey and has extensive experience in litigating property tax appeal cases involving office complexes, hotels, data centers, golf course properties, manufacturing facilities, industrial facilities, shopping malls, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and condominium and cooperative residential developments.