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  • verb

Synonyms for litigate

to institute or subject to legal proceedings

Synonyms for litigate

engage in legal proceedings

institute legal proceedings against

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He coauthored an assessment of how torts are being litigated nationally, due for release next year by the Philadelphia-based American Law Institute.
Streck and his two law firms, Berger & Montague and Faruqi & Faruqi, litigated the cases until the settlements were reached.
Marino has extensive patent litigation experience and successfully litigated patents, trademarks and other intellectual property cases in U.
They litigated the directors' civil money penalty case in a hearing in 1988 and, when they lost, filed appeals.
12, the boards determined that NPI could no longer afford to offer pain management services to the slow-paying California litigated workers' compensation system, which comprises about 80 percent of NPI's and 20 percent of Premier's consolidated revenue.
Under the terms of the Agreement, Heller will provide financing through December 31, 1996 for NPI's California litigated workers' compensation system accounts receivable collection operation under essentially the same terms as the original revolving credit facility, which had an outstanding loan balance of about $17.
This action by the high court sends a powerful message to the lower courts - that a removal order was premature - that there are critical legal issues that need to be litigated before any action can be taken to remove this cross.
Lieff Cabraser has litigated and resolved thousands of individual lawsuits and hundreds of class and group actions, including some of the most important civil cases in the United States over the last decade.
The Agreement provides NPI with additional financing for its California litigated workers' compensation system accounts receivable collection operation under essentially the same pricing terms as the original revolving credit facility.
9 million, net of tax, charge to operations as a result of the loss of a IRS tax lawsuit that was litigated during the third quarter of 2005 in the Federal District Court in San Antonio, Texas and that relates to certain leasing transactions previously discussed in Footnote 17 of the Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements set forth in the Company's 2005 Annual Report.
It is doubtful that the IRS will grant a complete long-term hold while the case is litigated, if it is litigated.
and that there is some realistic possibility of success if the matter is litigated.
Although a few insureds litigated the point, most insureds recognized that their Y2K preparations were not covered.
Other cases being litigated or under investigation by the firm include: RenaissanceRe Ltd.
McKenzie and Fayne litigated the client's position through the United States Tax Court and under provisions for United States Competent Authority.