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a position lying on your back with knees bent and thighs apart

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Roher et al (2008) noted that 'Long-lasting operations in the lithotomy position are accompanied by the risk of an acute compartment syndrome of the lower extremities'.
Millsaps (2006) describes the four most common surgical positions as supine, prone, lateral and the lithotomy position and these are discussed below.
The medical history of the patient should be considered before placing the patient in the lithotomy position and any restrictions to hip, knee or ankle movements noted.
Although it is difficult to quantify the degree of clinical benefit of a 19-minute average decrease in operating time, prolonged operating time in lithotomy position, particularly beyond 2 hours, increases the risk of lower extremity neuropathy.
Some of the infrequent causes of compartment syndrome that have been identified include fluid shifts from dialysis or fluid replacement in burn patients, and even exercise (3,8-10) Previous reports have documented the occurrence of leg compartment syndromes from placing the patient in the lithotomy position for operations that lasted longer than 6 hours.
Khalil IM: Bilateral compartmental syndrome after prolonged surgery in the lithotomy position.