lithotomy position

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a position lying on your back with knees bent and thighs apart

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The effects of the exaggerated lithotomy position for radical perineal prostatectomy on respiratory mechanics.
Mrs Morley claims that, after being put in the lithotomy position lying on her back, with legs raised in stirrups - the poles holding the equipment - together repeatedly slipped.
Although it is difficult to quantify the degree of clinical benefit of a 19-minute average decrease in operating time, prolonged operating time in lithotomy position, particularly beyond 2 hours, increases the risk of lower extremity neuropathy.
She thought it a good experience, in spite of the lithotomy position and the episiotomy she received because she felt this time was able to birth her baby alone.
I had no drugs, no shave, no enema, minimal time on the external fetal monitor, and use of the birthing chair (except that it was tipped so far backward as to be an effectual lithotomy position - for the doctor's convenience).
All patients were preoperatively evaluated with history, pelvic examination in lithotomy position, ultrasonography, and cough stress test (CST).
The cough stress test is usually done with the patient in the supine or semirecumbent lithotomy position.
While the patient is in the lithotomy position, after the surgeon operating in the perineal region reaches the distal end of the posterior urethral stricture, a 17 Fr cystoscope is advanced to the bladder through the suprapubic cystostomy tract.
2], oxygen saturation, BIS, PIP and OLP were recorded one minute before and after the insertion of the airway device, 10 minutes after patient positioning in the lithotomy position, 10 and 30 minutes after gas insufflation, 10 minutes before the completion of the surgery and immediately after extubation.
Women were restricted in their movement during labour, and the lithotomy position was usually adopted for delivery.
The patient was placed in the modified lithotomy position.
The lithotomy position was popularized early in this century to facilitate forceps deliveries, episiotomies, and other interventions.
18,24) Even in this single approach technique, after cystolithopaxy or URS in lithotomy position, the patient must be turned prone for PCNL.
Similar to the abdominal self-retractor system, it is attached to the operating table and is designed to fit the contour of the patient's perineum while in a high lithotomy position.
At the begining of the procedure, renal pillows were located under the ipsilateral side, and ureteral catheters were placed in lithotomy position.