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the branch of geology that studies rocks: their origin and formation and mineral composition and classification

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Crossplots such as RHOB/NPHI, GR-RHOB and GR-NPHI and Th-K are used for lithological identification in the studied wells indicating arkosic and micacaeous sandstone as dominant lithology with shale.
Well-based petrophysical evaluations of reservoir lithology can also be compared to and integrated with equivalent seismically- or geostatistically-derived lithology interpretations for building more complete and accurate 3D reservoir models.
Through analysis of the geology and geophysical signatures of known uranium prospects the Company is developing a number of targets in areas where the host lithology is masked by more recent cover, preventing a detectable radiometric signature at surface.
These UE, ME and LE depositions are poor source rocks for oil, as in the case of the ME black clay-stones representing the dark bituminous lithology recorded in that region.
OHM Rock Solid Images is also an industry leader in the integration of fundamental rock physics with well data, surface seismic data and electromagnetic data in order to interpret geophysical signatures in terms of reservoir properties such as lithology, porosity and saturation.
The lithology identified by using MN Crossplot was limestone with less quantity of shale.
Deliverables will include a full geophysical interpretation report, including definition of basement lithology and structure, mapping of sediment fairways and depositional-centers and any intrusives or salt which may be present in the sedimentary section.
Data gathered to date indicate the shales and mixed lithology sections have fractured vertically, favouring horizontal production wells; and
At Ain Khuff in Saudi Arabia the Khuff formation is 562 feet thick, with alternating lithology from top to bottom being as follows: (1) a 92.
Petrophysical interpretation has been performed and also the reservoir is lithology, porosity and effective porosity characterized by using core data.
Trenches were channel sampled perpendicular to mineralisation at 1 metre intervals or to lithology.
The geologic data sold consists of approximately 433 electric logs, lithology logs and copies of drill hole location maps.
From the data analysis, significant correlations have been obtained for electrical resistivity with moisture content, lithology and thickness ofa layer respectively.
A new integrated platform enables the sharing of well, seismic and geostatistically-derived lithology information across the GeoSoftware Seismic to Simulation (STS) workflow.
Assay data review suggests mappable continuity of lithology may exist across the tenement area.