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Synonyms for lithograph

a print produced by lithography

duplicator that prints by lithography

make by lithography

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It's something that you don't find usually on your morning hikes," Greg Atamaniuk, the man who reportedly found the lithograph, told The Marin Independent Journal.
Few items which particularly intrigued the viewer were comprised of a century old scarf souvenir for Haj pilgrims designed and exported by an Italian firm mainly for the Arab market (1920), Lithographs by Dutch Engraver Maurice Bauer, who made some fascinating contribution to the Islamic World by drawings (1926) and Cairo-ware round tray with decorative inscriptions and a pierced Syrian vase with intricate floral pattern (1910).
While these essays and the others provide new insights into the importance of the Kelloggs' productions, the heart of the book--and the one that deserves to be applauded and praised by collector and scholar alike--is the invaluable "Checklist of Kellogg Lithographs in the Connecticut Historical Society" (pp.
This is a lithograph of the window of Levi, the founder of the Tribe of Levites, which was singled out by Moses as the nation's priests.
Since he began making prints in 1984, in collaboration with Universal Limited Arts Editions, the artist has created many lithographs, relief prints, intaglios, screenprints, and monotypes.
Printing was left to the great lithographers, George Miller and his son, Burr Miller, who printed all of Wengenroth's 369 lithographs.
The first lithograph made in this group, #100, was done at Collectors Press, San Francisco.
Today, 156 years later, at the National Museum of Interventions, students touring the galleries still gasp at a lithograph hanging next to an American flag.
Then there's a favorite of his: a limited-edition lithograph of an old Verizon phone book cover.
Accomplished with a sense of beauty and proportion, is a highly symbolic Venetian lithograph of the mid-nineteenth century, "The Virgin as the Life-giving Fountain" ("The Virgin Zoodochos Pigi").
But the money-spinning trend culminated with a weakened Dali signing an estimated 350,000 blank lithograph laminates during his final years.
When she started out in the mid-1980s, she recalls, only a handful of African-American artists were successfully marketing their work nationwide using the lithograph medium.
In time, of course, it was the fine detail of the lithograph that prevailed, leaving Beatrice Warde to complain that "the terrible perfections of lithography" had ruined the musical page.