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in a literal sense


(intensifier before a figurative expression) without exaggeration

References in classic literature ?
The two families literally fell upon each other's necks--for it had been years since Jokubas Szedvilas had met a man from his part of Lithuania.
One wondered about this, as also about the swarms of flies which hung about the scene, literally blackening the air, and the strange, fetid odor which assailed one's nostrils, a ghastly odor, of all the dead things of the universe.
I have nearly satisfied myself, however, that, during most of this questionable period, it was literally the chair of state.
I have no objection to any amount of blue sky in its proper place (it can be found at the 4000 level for practically twelve months out of the year), but I submit, with all deference to the educational needs of Transylvania, that "skylarking" in the centre of a main-travelled road where, at the best of times, electricity literally drips off one's stanchions and screw blades, is unnecessary.
22) Literally, `you have made him sit on the floor', i.
Not visited by the surviving members of her family, living, literally, by herself in the world, Hester decided, in spite of her comfortable little income, on letting lodgings.
This thought hath been carried so far, and is become so general, that some words proper to the theatre, and which were at first metaphorically applied to the world, are now indiscriminately and literally spoken of both; thus stage and scene are by common use grown as familiar to us, when we speak of life in general, as when we confine ourselves to dramatic performances: and when transactions behind the curtain are mentioned, St James's is more likely to occur to our thoughts than Drury-lane.
The joke there is that he will literally ride a Jet Ski.
Literally Media has purchased Cheezburger, which will join eBaum's World in the company's collection of websites to seek out elusive Millennials and members of Generation Z.
22 April 2016 - US-based ad tech and digital content company Literally Media has acquired Israeli humour brand Cheezburger, the company said.
If you were over six feet tall, like me, it was almost literally backbreaking.
He was shot literally on the last day of the Second World War.
Summary: It was a gift from the heavens, literally.
FORMER Liverpool pilot John Curry will give a talk on his book East A Half South, at New Brighton's Literally A Book Shop, on Wednesday, at 6.