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an interpretation based on the exact wording

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Now that four of our current Supreme Court justices (and one special justice) apparently have decided to follow the doctrine of literal interpretation of the Arkansas Constitution, one wonders if there are other provisions in our Constitution that, if interpreted literally by this court, could overturn years of judicial precedent.
So, for example, the early exegetes were way ahead of modern literary critics of the Bible in recognizing that Scripture often employs modes of expression that are sometimes puzzling and cannot be clarified by adherence to a simple historical or literal interpretation.
ISIL's Salafi ideology relies on a very simple perception of religion: the literal interpretation of the Holy Qur'an and Prophet's words.
The girl winds up taking a walk to ease her anger, which I love in sentiment but not in its literal interpretation of a kid going for a walk alone--another opportunity for discussion as the book unfolds.
Some of the major characteristics of Islamic fundamentalism include literal interpretation of the Qur'an, intolerance of anyone who is different including other Muslims who follow different schools of thought.
According to CBC News reports, a judge in Victoria, British Columbia, offered a literal interpretation of the teen's actions.
Redacted Dominionism: A Biblical Approach to Grounding Environmental Responsibility" is a literal interpretation of the early Genesis narrative that recognizes human relations to nature are based on theocentric themes.
They are no longer satisfied with a literal interpretation of the Bible.
The UK system is based on a literal interpretation system which relies on detailed rules and regulations.
Although some sources translate Anopheles as "harmful," it would be decades before Ronald Ross showed in 1897 that these mosquitoes transmit malaria parasites, and Meigen was most likely using Anopheles in a more literal interpretation as "useless.
Some were wedded to a literal interpretation whenever possible, while others were comfortable with figurative and allegorical interpretation.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: A number of north Iraq's Ninewa legislatures have announced on Wednesday that the Federalism project is "a literal interpretation of former U.
Reverend August Briar, a man who believes himself destined to be God's greatest prophet, unquestioningly adheres to Biblical teachings, including the 6,000-year-old age of the Earth taken from a literal interpretation of the canon.
Among matters the work satirizes are flat-earth cosmology, literal interpretation of the scriptures, censorship of heathen fables, human gullibility, Alexander the Great's courage, and Homer's account of the death of Achilles.