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Synonyms for litany

Synonyms for litany

a formula of words used in praying

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any long and tedious address or recital

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a prayer consisting of a series of invocations by the priest with responses from the congregation

References in classic literature ?
And incontinently he began again the strange litany of the Law, and again I and all these creatures began singing and swaying.
She gulped down the Ode to Aphrodite during the Litany, keeping herself with difficulty from asking when Sappho lived, and what else she wrote worth reading, and contriving to come in punctually at the end with "the forgiveness of sins, the Resurrection of the body, and the life everlastin'.
was a regular part of the litany of the unhappy French.
When we came abreast again, they faced the river, stamped their feet, nodded their horned heads, swayed their scarlet bodies; they shook towards the fierce river-demon a bunch of black feathers, a mangy skin with a pendent tail--something that looked like a dried gourd; they shouted periodically together strings of amazing words that resembled no sounds of human lan- guage; and the deep murmurs of the crowd, inter- rupted suddenly, were like the response of some satanic litany.
For three times in the day the new sun-worshipper went out on his little balcony, in the face of all Westminster, to say some litany to his shining lord: once at daybreak, once at sunset, and once at the shock of noon.
Kalon the Prophet was already erect, with argent garments and uplifted hands, and the sound of his strangely penetrating voice could be heard all the way down the busy street uttering his solar litany.
The first was Joan Stacey, the sister of the dead woman--evidently she had been upstairs in the temporary temple of Apollo; the second was the priest of Apollo himself, his litany finished, sweeping down the empty stairs in utter magnificence--something in his white robes, beard and parted hair had the look of Dore's Christ leaving the Pretorium; the third was Flambeau, black browed and somewhat bewildered.
He made eyes at her, was taken with sudden coughs and "hems," smiled, smirked and went brazenly through the impudent and contemptible litany of the "masher.
it was a pious, strange litany in praise of the adored and censed ass.
I did not see it, but I believe it is well conducted; and I can the more easily credit it, from knowing how mindful they usually are, in America, of that beautiful passage in the Litany which remembers all sick persons and young children.
A high-profile shooting incident in 1993 helped instigate the litany of lawsuits against firearm manufacturers by sundry cities, counties, and states.
According to the author, it is theoretically possible to make good use of the program if great vigilance is exercised, but she warns that "in tone and emphasis Renew 2000 booklets quickly lend themselves to the litany familiar at dissident Catholic gatherings.
Afterward, I remember going to a friend's house and running a litany of what they had done during the performance--an incredible list of painful procedures.
His track record is a non-stop thirty year litany of one phenomenal accomplishment after another.
IN the early 1990s, crack cocaine was the hot and scary drug ravaging communities and lives across the nation, leaving a legacy of ``crack babies'' to grow up with a litany of health and behavioral problems.