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Synonyms for fuse

Synonyms for fuse

to change from a solid to a liquid

to put together into one mass so that the constituent parts are more or less homogeneous

Synonyms for fuse

an electrical device that can interrupt the flow of electrical current when it is overloaded

any igniter that is used to initiate the burning of a propellant

become plastic or fluid or liquefied from heat

equip with a fuse


make liquid or plastic by heating

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A try from Malakai Delai cut the deficit four minutes after the break but after Wells had added a second penalty for the States, Thomas suddenly lit the fuse and Wales were off.
GONE TO HEAVEN: An Indian guru was blown to bits when he promised to fetch his followers "miracle moon rocks", strapped himself to a home-made rocket and lit the fuse.
KELVIN DAVIS lit the fuse ahead of Southampton's reunion with Nigel Adkins by backing the move to axe his old boss.
AMY Garrick couldn't get a after finishing a literary studies degree - but training an electrician lit the fuse to a new life.
12 (ANI): South African pace spearhead Morne Morkel has lit the fuse for a blazing individual battle with Australian destroyer David Warner in the opening Twenty20 cricket international at Cape Town.
ARGENTINA winger Ignacio Corleto has lit the fuse ahead of Sunday's World Cup semi-final by labelling South Africa arrogant - and he is determined to put the Springboks in their place.
Henry lit the fuse for a potentially explosive clash by accusing England of spying on his players during a training session in London on Tuesday.
Now the talkative Tallies may have lit the fuse for an explosive clash as Rangers dig in to defend their lead in the second leg.
Redfern lit the fuse to Valley Chatsworth's offense in a powerful sweep over El Segundo 10-7 and Stockton 12-10 to reach today's state final against unbeaten Danville.
SLIGO ROVERS and Shamrock Rovers lit the fuse on the title race a week ago - and the fireworks are still going off.
Scientists say this lit the fuse for an outburst of diverse forms of animal life 530million years ago, known as the Cambrian Explosion.
The finished film, extolled by the Black Panthers as a 'revolutionary masterpiece', lit the fuse on the Blaxploitation revolution, giving birth t o an explosion of black cinema that would energise and excite modern directors including Spike Lee and Quentin Tarantino.
And the French international, whose German club beat the Bhoys 2-1 in their Champions League clash last month, lit the fuse for an explosive return on November 25 by claiming Martin O'Neill's side will be easier to beat at Parkhead.
And who was it,in the beginning, who lit the fuse that caused the ``Big Bang''?
In his back yard, he placed his craft in a brick barbecue and lit the fuse.