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the act of hearing attentively

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and through this acquisition of the Audio Everywhere brand and products will advance the partnership to the next level to offer assistive listening systems with Wi-Fi audio streaming.
Listening is a complex skill that involves understanding the meaning of spoken messages (i.
As a methodology, performative listening highlights the constitutive function of listening in creating realities and experiences (p.
One has been the emphasis on understanding the difference between hearing and listening (often mistakenly used interchangeably) and the second being the repeated evidence that most of us are, in fact, poor listeners (averaging only about 25 percent efficiency).
Kate Lacey's Listening Publics is split into four sections that provide, from the outset, a sense of what is to come: 'Listening Overlooked', 'Listening in the Age of Spectacle', 'Ways of Listening' and 'Listening in the Public Sphere'.
Mark Nepo, in his latest book 'Seven Thousand Ways to Listen' calls the art of listening as 'sacred' and one must stay close to it all through one's life.
Listening is done in a variety of situations and for a variety of reasons, many of which do not involve an overlapping skill set.
Mathes will attend the 34th International Listening Association's Annual Conference in Montreal June 20-23, where he will present his paper "Urban Confessional: How a Free Listening Project Changed Actor Training, and the Actors who Train.
The current study, conducted in Iran with an experimental design, investigated the effectiveness of teaching listening strategies delivered in L1 (Persian) and its effect on listening comprehension in L2.
As Walter Brueggemann has explained, listening was a particularly freighted notion in the faith of ancient Israel (Reverberations of Faith, Westminster John Knox Press, 2002).
Leading author, speaker, facilitator and coach, Marian Thier, will present Listening in the Workplace on Friday April 1 at the International Listening Association annual event and on April 14 she will present Listening Mastery for Facilitators at the International Association of Facilitators.
Washington, Feb 26 (ANI): In a new study, researchers have examined the biological basis of listening to music.
However, if one were to look at the beginning of the Book of Genesis, to the story of the Garden of Eden, in verse 3:17, Adam was punished by God for listening to voice of his wife.
It is a well-attested fact that the listening skill plays a crucial role in the process of learning a second language yet it is probably one of the least understood skills in that it is not clear what goes on in a person's mind while listening to a story, for example, a news item or political debate.
An innovative approach to teaching listening skills has emerged due to the hi-tech developments.