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Synonyms for liquify

make (a solid substance) liquid, as by heating

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Endeavors by both the Resolution Trust Corporation and private parties to encourage the development of a secondary market in commercial mortgages will help liquify the market in commercial real estate itself.
Marshland, sand and landfill can liquify during an earthquake, so "there are much more expensive requirements for the foundation and the ways it is supported, as well as the interconnects," said Beck.
Remaining slag on the bottom will liquify and float to the top of the melt.
Users can push their creative abilities with features such as Live Distortion, which makes it possible to bend and manipulate graphics and text with live enveloping, warp effects, and liquify tools.
The RTC wanted to liquify their position quickly and Heller was brought in to do so.
Illustrator 10 adds exciting new creative features such as Live Distortion, allowing users to easily bend, stretch, and twist text, graphics, and images in any way imaginable using live enveloping, warping, and liquify tools.
The concept works, AEW said, because it allows one party essentially to liquify real estate assets, while giving the other party the opportunity to create for itself a long position in real estate, all within a set time frame.