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the state in which a substance exhibits a characteristic readiness to flow with little or no tendency to disperse and relatively high incompressibility

the property of flowing easily

being in cash or easily convertible to cash

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For organization being in possession of liquid reserves the marginal utility of liquidity changes.
While expected contenders like Belgravia, Notional (sixth) and Principle Secret (eighth) spun their tires, the race came down to a front-end duel between Stormello and Liquidity.
The roots of this high-liquidity environment were planted in the financial evolution of the 20th century, which saw waves of liquidity and illiquidity, and a rapid evolution of finance and financial regulation.
This alchemy is dependent upon a daisy-chain of explicit and implicit guarantees, credit insurance, liquidity agreements, and the expansive derivatives marketplace.
It also reiterates well-established supervisory policies on sound liquidity contingency planning, and discusses sound practices in using primary credit program borrowings in liquidity contingency plans.
put itself into receivership amid a liquidity shortfall.
Many companies combine the discussion of liquidity and capital resources (1-36), an approach acceptable to the SEC.
The library is designed to impart basic knowledge about the reforms proposed through Basel III arrangement for liquidity risk management and supervision by the banks and supervisors.
With marketable cash investments, liquidity generally means how easily and quickly one may exchange a security for cash with little price concession from its going rate.
The Federal Reserve Board's Regulation A defines three discount window programs, each serving a distinct purpose: (1) adjustment credit, to help depository institutions meet unexpected short-term liquidity needs; (2) seasonal credit, to assist smaller institutions in managing liquidity needs that arise from regular swings in loans and deposits; and (3) extended credit, to help depositories that have somewhat longer-term liquidity needs resulting from exceptional circumstances.
The global financial crisis showed the crippling effect poor liquidity risk management can have on markets and on firms.
corporate liquidity reached an all-time high of $5 trillion.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 20, 2016-CARBIOS announces transfer of liquidity contract to Gilbert Dupont
In recent years, financial market participants have become increasingly worried about the significant decline in the level and resilience of financial market liquidity, raising concerns over the efficiency of markets and the increased risks associated with a liquidity shock.
A major conference on the liquidity risk in the banking sector is set to take place in Doha in October.