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Best of the Bunch Sweet gums FOR the ultimate example of trees producing autumn foliage colour, the Sweet Gum, Liquidambar styraciflua, has to take top prize.
Acers colour up wonderfully and many cherries manage fiery autumn tints, but for sheer over-the-top bonfire brightness, you can't beat a liquidambar.
For leaf peeping, locals and visitors alike gravitate to Nevada Street, where liquidambars and maples put on excellent displays year after year, showing their colors against a picture-perfect small-town backdrop of white church steeples, green lawns, and picket fences.
Many of the trees and shrubs recommended for autumn colour - acers, parrotias, Liquidambars and the like - don't seem to thrive in cold or windy gardens.
And they are taught to maintain the more than 1,000 species of trees that coexist together in Los Angeles -- from Siberian elms to Southeastern liquidambars.
But the judicious placement of plants--a strawberry tree in the planter and several liquidambars screening a corner--makes the space surprisingly private.
Experts say some species of trees, including liquidambars, sycamores and eucalyptus, have undergone more stress this summer because of triple-digit temperatures.
Heading north on Arnold Drive and up the Valley of the Moon, we move through a tunnel of flame-colored maples and liquidambars before stopping at the Benziger Family Winery in Glen Ellen for a fascinating and comprehensive tour.
Every summer, the muscular branches of the hulking liquidambars planted decades ago by the city have sagged lower as they've aged and gotten heavier.