liquid nitrogen

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nitrogen in a liquid state

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Known scientifically as LN2, liquid nitrogen is a colourless, odourless clear liquid state of nitrogen, at an extremely low temperature.
Liquid nitrogen deliveries went from three times a week to once or twice a year.
There are many parlours in the UAE that sell liquid nitrogen ice-creams.
Cryogenic freezing and chilling specialist Air Products, has developed a new way of using liquid nitrogen to control the temperature of food while being processed.
Bradley said: "Having been involved in nitrogen gas systems for 25 years, the liquid nitrogen generator is an exciting prospect and adds a completely di"erent product to our range of capabilities.
During heat exchange, the liquid nitrogen will warm up by more than 200[degrees]C, whereas the heat-transfer liquid will cool by only around 10[degrees]C.
Santamaria was vehemently against the use of chemical emulsifiers, gelling agents and liquid nitrogen in cookery and mixology.
The premises involved have suspended drinks involving liquid nitrogen.
A new A series (Aerofreeze) tunnel for freezing raspberries without the need for liquid nitrogen or cryogenic pre-crusting has been introduced by GEA Refrigeration Canada, a division of GEA Refrigeration Technologies, Bochum, Germany.
GEA Refrigeration Canada, formerly GEA Aerotieeze Systems, has introduced a new A series (Aerofreeze) IQF tunnel for freezing raspberries without the need for liquid nitrogen or cryogenic pre-crusting.
Firefighters were called to Samuel Taylor Ltd in Arthur Street in Redditch, Worcestershire, at around 7pm after workers raised the alarm that a large tank containing liquid nitrogen was leaking.
A BLEND of port, stilton and liquid nitrogen sounds more like a product of Heston Blumenthal's kitchen than a Pembrokeshire dairy farm.
The secret to making the ice-cream was liquid nitrogen.
The Chemistry Rendezvous BBQ, organized by Dalhousie's Department of Chemistry, not only served cake but batches of edible liquid nitrogen ice cream.