liquid nitrogen

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nitrogen in a liquid state

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Liquid nitrogen deliveries went from three times a week to once or twice a year.
There are many parlours in the UAE that sell liquid nitrogen ice-creams.
Bradley said: "Having been involved in nitrogen gas systems for 25 years, the liquid nitrogen generator is an exciting prospect and adds a completely di"erent product to our range of capabilities.
Since last week's incident in Lancaster, England, there have been calls from local politicians to ban liquid nitrogen cocktails.
Liquid nitrogen is used in medical procedures and to make ice-cream, preserve food and as a coolant in the computer industry.
Liquid nitrogen crusting freezers have been used in front of the traditional IQF raspberry freezer as the only viable method of conditioning the berries before deep freezing.
This new freezer is giving us greater control and a huge cost saving from our previous method of liquid nitrogen.
Liquid nitrogen is a chemical fluid that can cause rapid freezing on contact with living tissue, which may lead to frostbite.
A BLEND of port, stilton and liquid nitrogen sounds more like a product of Heston Blumenthal's kitchen than a Pembrokeshire dairy farm.
The secret to making the ice-cream was liquid nitrogen.
The Chemistry Rendezvous BBQ, organized by Dalhousie's Department of Chemistry, not only served cake but batches of edible liquid nitrogen ice cream.
The collaboration is aimed at supplying liquid nitrogen to the China-based automaker.
EXPLODING custard and ice-cream made from liquid nitrogen are just some of the zany attractions featured in a new festival of science.
large, deep-set spoon into liquid nitrogen for 30 seconds.
Vacuum Barrier Systems, a supplier of liquid nitrogen fobbing devices to improve shelf life of carbonated drinks claims recent developments can improve capping efficiency for beer.