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The Pontypridd-based business is the new sister company to Liquid Measure, the Welsh wine, spirit and beer merchants that was founded in 2003.
Yet the "government" in Brussels has issued another directive (order) in which Britain must go metric in liquid measure.
The recent change in the liquid measure in Castille, by which new tribute was exacted on wine and oil--not without protest--is reprehensible.
The company will use more grams of coffee to produce the same liquid measure of finished espresso drink, which means the product will be fuller and richer in taste.
a built-in conversion function changes to and from metric units of length, weight, liquid measure and temperature.
teaspoon, tablespoon, or milliliter) that are the same as the units of liquid measure specified in the directions for the product and there should not be any unnecessary markings
GILL: A liquid measure of a quarter of a standard pint.