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Liquid measure markings on dosage delivery devices should be clearly visible and not obscured when the liquid product is added to the device.
Liquid Measure owners Mike and Jayne Williams saw a gap in the Welsh market for a wholesaler that was able to sell consumables other than traditional liquor to Welsh independent licensed retailers.
Do not confuse liquid measure (fluid ounces) with weight (dry ounces); a fluid ounce of a specific liquid may not equal a dry ounce when weighed.
Yet the "government" in Brussels has issued another directive (order) in which Britain must go metric in liquid measure.
The law may not have been strictly enforced, but the standard was for wine to be sold in liquid measure and poured into the customer's own bottle.
The recent change in the liquid measure in Castille, by which new tribute was exacted on wine and oil--not without protest--is reprehensible.
The company will use more grams of coffee to produce the same liquid measure of finished espresso drink, which means the product will be fuller and richer in taste.
a built-in conversion function changes to and from metric units of length, weight, liquid measure and temperature.
This is the definition given by DMLBS, but it is not even clear that the batus from which the abatis got his title was a dry or liquid measure.
LECTION A Lesson read in church B Select without majority vote C Old Dutch liquid measure who am I?