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street names for gamma hydroxybutyrate

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The drug, also known as liquid ecstasy, converts to date-rape drug GHB shortly after entering the body and works as a sedative.
GHB became popular in the 1990s club scene as liquid ecstasy.
It is sold illegally for $5 to $25 per capful and can be added to water or alcohol, in which case it is known as liquid Ecstasy and as a date rape drug.
The substances seized by officers are suspected to be cannabis and GHB, a drug also known as liquid ecstasy which is popular with clubbers.
Sometimes called Georgia Home Boy, liquid ecstasy, or G, GHB slows the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), causing a sedative effect.
GHB, also known as liquid Ecstasy, was banned in the UK in July and dealers now face a five-year jail penalty with up to two years for possession.
Known on the street by names such as Liquid Ecstasy Coop, or Grievous Bodily Harm, GHB is popular among bodybuilders who believe that it raises growth hormone levels, builds musde, and burns fat.
On January 1 the federal government outlawed so-called party drugs: liquid ecstasy, psyilocybin, "magic" mushrooms and derivatives of the peyote cactus such as mescalin.
comes in three forms;' including "GHB, also called liquid Ecstasy," and "Herbal Ecstasy, also known as ma huang or ephedra" (a legal stimulant), as well as "MDMA, or chemical Ecstasy.
GHB, also know as liquid ecstasy, is expected to be made a Class C drug by next summer.
The police found GHB, commonly referred to as the ``date-rape'' drug or liquid ecstasy, in a bottle of cold medicine on the console.
Ortiz said Almalbez was the source of liquid ecstasy while Penaflor was the source of cocaine.
Confiscated during the operation were liquid ecstasy placed inside 20 energy drink bottles, another 1.
Also nabbed in the buy-bust were more than 200 pieces of ecstasy valued atP500,000 and four bottles of liquid ecstasy valued atP200,000.
Stephen Port, 41, killed victims with fatal doses of party drug GHB, known as liquid ecstasy, after inviting them to his flat, it is claimed.