liquid diet

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a diet of foods that can be served in liquid or strained form (plus custards or puddings)

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Economical rearing of larvae of the olive fruit fly, Dacus oleae, on a liquid diet offered on cotton toweling.
I changed my diet completely, I went on a liquid diet for a couple of months.
James added fuel to the fire with a few throwaway remarks about the tightness of the old-fashioned, organ-compacting undergarment leaving her unable to eat properly and having a liquid diet.
She said she switched to an extreme liquid diet to shed the flab rapidly.
Roberts has recovered completely now, but has been advised to survive only on liquid diet for two weeks.
The 'Ted' actor said that he was on a liquid diet for about a month under the watchful eye of doctors and continued to lose weight during the shoot, News.
Her condition worsened when she was not even able to tolerate liquid diet because of which she lost 10 kg of weight.
The patient is usually put on a liquid diet 12 hours after the procedure and may be discharged 48 hours later.
His jaw was broken in two places and he was on a liquid diet for six weeks.
If we can do this safely, on a bigger scale and as part of routine care, then following a low-calorie liquid diet would be a real game changer in terms of reducing people's risk of devastating health complications such as amputation and blindness.
For seven weeks, 30 men were assigned a low-energy liquid diet, followed by two weeks of reintroduction to solid foods.
After all, it was Jack Charlton, during his days as manager of the Republic of Ireland, who insisted his men adopt a special liquid diet.
He was on a liquid diet because he was unable to swallow solids.
Some polyps or cancers may have been missed because the patients didn't maintain a liquid diet in advance of the test or didn't drink all of the bowel-emptying preparatory medication.
The Rhyl printer is still on a liquid diet a month after the attack, with his jaw wired shut by doctors.