liqueur glass

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a small glass for serving a small amount of liqueur (typically after dinner)

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There was a liqueur glass of lemon cream sprinkled with pastichios, praline with spiced ice cream and a concoction of two different mousses topped with a bitter chocolate fin.
Pour some vodka, a shot of peach schnapps and a measure of Baileys into a small liqueur glass, then finish off with a dribble of Grenadine.
Ingredients: (serves 6) 6 large Cox's orange pippins, peeled, cored and sliced' 4tbsp sugar' 1 liqueur glass of brandy' 125g flour' 2 medium eggs' 1tbsp oil' 300ml milk' a pinch of saffron' 3tbsp almost boiling water' freshly ground black pepper' enough oil to deep fry the fritters.
TAKE a tall liqueur glass ready to make this little cocktail from Gringo Bill's in Edinburgh's Hanover Street.
Next time you sit back sipping a Campari or twirling a cocktail cherry around your liqueur glass, stop and think about what you're putting in your mouth.