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becoming liquid


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The liquescent neume consists of a main note quickly followed by a note of shorter duration.
It is by no means the first to use doubled notes (that is, where one of the same pitch follows closely upon another, pressus fashion) to indicate lengthening, nor indeed to employ liquescent neums such as the cephalicus (which later atrophied completely to form a long note that in later English was called the "strene"); but the amount of such indications in the later repertory of the MS (not only in The Play of Daniel) is remarkable and seems to indicate that the School of Abelard was in the vanguard of developments which eventually would lead to notational clarity in the matter of rhythm (for other sources seemingly associated with the School evince similar characteristics).
Charm'd by your touch, the flint liquescent pours Through finer sieves, and falls in whiter showers (2.
They include relatively many liquescent forms and a characteristic feature of the main Esztergom manuscripts--the climacus beginning with a double punctum.
The unblemished concord of steady light and liquescent shadow in A View of Delft, with its frugally magnificent infilade of clouds, towers, light-speckled and lichen-speckled bridges and barge-moorings, contributed its harmonies to the orchestration of Proust's great novel.
If the first part of The Fountains of Neptune is, among many other things, a fluidum of stories which, once told, elude retention, the second part, in which Nicolas discovers/invents his real/phantom playmate Olivier, not only presents the reader with a liquescent narrative of the unstable invasion of the everyday world by the realm of fantasy but also reinvents storytelling when Nini himself, by acting the part of Toujours-La telling a story, becomes the remembered narrator of his childhood.
There is something tired and cliched about the critical positions adopted: the gestures to Irigarary and Foucault and the disruptive excess of the liquescent female body in the discussion of the tea-table as a disciplinary site; the co-option of the sentimental politics of the female abolitionist in a confused, post-colonial argument ranging from sugar and slavery to the contaminated blood of menstruation.
When Rutherford Calhoun goes, Ishmael-like, to the waterfront early in Charles Johnson's Middle Passage, he ponders the "heavy, liquescent air" and finds in it some promise of purification from the vanities of urban culture - "self-interest," "mediocrity," and "selfishness" - and from his own excesses.
These longer groups naturally include the full range of signs common to these manuscripts (with the general exception of liquescent neumes) and thus provide information about the performance of sequences, as about other forms of chant, particularly with respect to longer and shorter notes.
David Reed's paintings play fast and loose with the conventions of abstraction and representation--an exercise that could be very dull--but the luxurious, even brazen appeal of his seemingly flattened-out yet liquescent brushstrokes remains irresistibly seductive.