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the conversion of a solid or a gas into a liquid

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Once, both the constitutive model and the liquefaction criterion have been successfully tested, the following remarks can be stated:
Residual liquefaction occurs in loose sand when pore-water pressures build up and cause the soil to behave as a liquid, particularly under large waves.
Corpus Christi Liquefaction LLC, a subsidiary of Cheniere Energy Inc.
Key words: Liquefaction Earthquake engineering Granular deposits Liquefaction potential evaluation methods.
ST), a provider of heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling solutions, announced today the award of an order to supply compact welded heat exchangers to a coal liquefaction plant in China.
The company will supply its LNG proprietary C3MRTM liquefaction technology and equipment to a joint venture of IHI E&C International Corporation and Kiewit Corporation, for Dominion's major liquefaction project to be constructed at the site of Dominion's existing Cove Point LNG import facility at Lusby, Maryland, US.
Dubai: A natural gas pipeline supplying Yemen LNG's liquefaction plants has been repaired after it was sabotaged earlier this week, according to three people with knowledge of the matter.
The large-scale liquefaction project aims to use existing floating infrastructure located offshore 37 miles east of Venice, Louisiana.
The Niigata liquefaction phenomena and its devastating effects attracted the attention of engineers and seismologists.
Liquefaction is a serious phenomenon which often manifests itself in areas having loose, saturated, sandy soils following strong earthquakes or vibrations.
Fir liquefaction objects can be used to replace phenol in the phenolic resin manufacturing carpentry.
Soil liquefaction a major factor in Japanese earthquake damage: A preliminary report into the Sendai earthquake by a Geotechnical Extreme Events Reconnaissance (GEER) advance team suggests that unusually severe soil 'liquefaction'--where saturated soils, particularly recent sediments, sand or gravel, lose structural strength and begin to flow--was responsible for much of the earthquake damage.
The broad geographic extent of the liquefaction over hundreds of miles was daunting to experienced engineers who are accustomed to seeing disaster sites, including the recent earthquakes in Chile and New Zealand.
The phenomenon of soil liquefaction has been observed in response to moderate and large earthquakes, for example those of Loma (1989), Luzon (1990), Manjil (1990), Kobe (1995), Manzanillo (1995), Chi-Chi (1999), Kocaeli (1999), and Bhuj (2001) (Bird et al.
A transport ship carrying the first cargo of liquefied natural gas produced for export departed Thursday, March 1, from the Dominion Energy Cove Point LNG terminal, where the newly constructed liquefaction facility is undergoing final commissioning.