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perceiving what a person is saying by observing the movements of the lips

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In contrast, Saalasti and colleagues studied lipreading in more natural situations.
The use of a sign language interpreter is one way to resolve the challenges posed by lipreading and note writing and to harness the benefits of using the supervisee's native language while attending to cultural nuances.
Lipreading classes, which are not available on the NHS, are usually funded through the Community Learning budget.
Mr McCabe said: "I saw first-hand how important lipreading is to people with a hearing loss.
These individuals tend to rely on the visual channel for processing linguistic information through a sign language, lipreading, and/ or other means.
At yesterday's session in Conwy Business Centre, behind Cineworld in Llandudno Junction, Mrs Claydon, said: "The group will practice lipreading.
The interrelationships between the auditory and visual systems are not limited to lipreading.
THE Welsh Government yesterday announced more than pounds 200,000 in funding to train new lipreading tutors.
The 62-year-old also helped raise the profile of the charity's lipreading campaign.
BODIES supporting deaf and hard of hearing people are encouraging Northumberland County Council to set up lipreading classes.
ATHIS Canadian-American drama ran from 2002 to 2005 and told the real-life story of a deaf FBI agent employed for her lipreading skills.
He wears discreet digital hearing aids but prefers to take them out while he's acting, relying on lipreading to know when to say his lines.
1996) Lipreading, reading and memory of hearing and hearing-impaired children.