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interpret by lipreading

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For hearing-impaired adults who seek the return of a sensation of hearing, the cochlear implant has shown it restores some environmental sounds, boosts the ability to lipread, and recaptures a sense of the hearing which these adults have dearly wished to regain.
meetings were held in small halls where the acoustics were poor and there were many visual obstructions making it difficult for people with hearing aids and impossible for those who lipread,
Some interpreters specialize in oral interpreting for deaf or hard-of-hearing persons who lipread instead of sign.
I've got the video and if you can lipread, you can see Bobby turn to Don Howe [his No2] and try to think of a name.
Of interest in the present context are the effects of irrelevant speech on the performance of lipread targets.
Improper lighting affects mobility and such vital sensory functions as hearing, since many seniors with diminished hearing lipread to increase understanding.
Employees are instructed in the proper techniques to efficiently communicate with people with hearing impairments, placing themselves facing a light source and keeping hands, cigarettes, and food away from the mouth when taking to a hearing-impaired person, allowing the person to lipread.
Only Mark and I can really manage to lipread with her because we know her really well.
Face the person so you can be lipread and speak clearly, u y sing plain language, normal lip movements and facial expressions.
Speaking through a British Sign Language interpreter and able to lipread, Holly, from Holyhead, said: "It was much more difficult for my parents.
Between trying to understand our son who has quite a basic vocabulary and Abigail who is trying to lipread things I'm getting much better,' he said.
When one of them asked me a question which I could not understand, the other repeated it for me, but I was still unable to lipread it.
Andy Griffin, a 66-year-old retired teacher from Alnwick, said: "Learning to lipread will help us build our confidence and be able to take part in conversations more easily.