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a tumor consisting of fatty tissue

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Spinal lipomas have been broadly classified into five clinical entities lipomyelomeningocele, fatty filum, intradural spinal mass, epidural lipomatosis, and spinal angiolipoma.
Lipomas in their structure may contain fibers, vessels or mucus in the intercellular space [2].
Angiolipoma was delineated as a new entity in 1960 because of its different clinicopathologic features from those of regular lipoma.
Tongue lipomas, which may be single, multiple or part of a syndrome, most commonly occur on the lateral border of the tongue, and have a male predilection.
However, a previous abdominopelvic CT performed several months ago during a routine health check-up at our hospital revealed a colonic lipoma in the ascending colon (Figure 1 b, arrow).
Although this case emphasizes the use of surgical management for a peripheral cerebral cyst located in the peripheral cerebral cortex, crested pekin ducks with other intracranial masses, such as lipomas, could also serve as possible surgical candidates in an effort to alleviate associated clinical signs.
Giant adrenal lipomas are rare but now are being reported more frequently because of improved modern imaging technologies.
Clinically, the most prominent difference between these two types of lipomatosis is that FML is marked by discrete lipomas that predominate on the extremities and generally absent from neck and shoulders, whereas MSL is a nonencapsulated, diffuse lipomatosis infiltration of underlying tissue (i.
Lipomas are rarely found in the parotid gland region.
Lipomas are uncommon in cattle (Hartigan and Flynn, 1973) though there are occasional reports of subcutaneous lipomas (Valentine, 2004).
Lipomas occur most commonly in the fifth and sixth decade [5] and are more frequently encountered in women [6].
The same goes not just for skin cancers but for furuncles, lipomas, and so on.
Key Words: Parapharyngeal space tumors, Lipomas, Tumors in children, Soft tissue tumor.
Lipomas are benign lesions composed of adipose tissue typically found in the integument, gastrointestinal tract, or central nervous system.