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move the lips in synchronization (with recorded speech or song)


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This is a timely reminder, because quite a number of singers resort to lip-syncing on occasion and 'when needed.
Spears has been a constant subject of criticism since many are claiming that she's been lip-syncing during her shows.
Jeff Davis in uniform and driving a patrol car while lip-syncing to the popular pop song -- sassy head rolls and finger-pointing included.
BEST BIT: Corden lip-syncing to Potts's startling vocals.
The film's numerous sequences in which characters stand around lip-syncing to their prerecorded singing tracks look distractingly artificial enough.
EMINEM now finds himself at the centre of a lip-syncing row after he was accused of miming along to his new song, Mosh, on the same US show that showed up teen singer ASHLEE SIMPSON when she was caught lip-syncing to the wrong song.
You've all heard my Peggy Lee lip-syncing "Is that all there is?
Secretary of State Madeleine Albright lip-syncing a Motown classic while dancing in a grocery store.
The piece starts off with Michael Stipe striding across a western desert in a cowboy hat, lip-syncing his song about illusion and reality, identity as fact or choice, and the late comedian Andy Kaufman, who at times thought he was a professional wrestler or Elvis Presley.
More than 20 years after the hit TV series 'Puttin on the Hits' first debuted, a nationwide search is on once again for the best, lip-syncing impersonators and tribute bands across America, the creator of the original 80's show, announced today.
TV viewers cried that she was lip-syncing, possibly because she appeared to be covering her face as part of the choreography.
Washington, Nov 5 ( ANI ): Eminem has denied lip-syncing during his performance of 'Berzerk' on 'Saturday Night Live'.
Having the added misfortune of arriving in the same season as "Inside Llewyn Davis," Miller's pic suggests what that fractured valentine to the 1960s Greenwich Village folk scene might have looked like decked out in a parade of guest stars lip-syncing to golden oldies.
That's what everyone wondered after she was caught lip-syncing on a recent ``Saturday Night Live.
Ed, the "talking" horse of TV fame, the bangs of his palomino mane flopping around as he tossed his head while lip-syncing to the soundtrack.