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  • verb

Synonyms for lip-synch

move the lips in synchronization (with recorded speech or song)


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OK, we told them, you can lip-synch this song on our show-provided you aren't holding a mic.
If the movie has a saving grace it is the acting of Fanny Ardant, whose odd job it is to lip-synch the real Maria Callas while enacting the part of Callas lip-synching herself, something she never actually did.
Aside from humour, Rascall-Flatts handled the aftermath of the lip-synch incident with a promotional round for their new album "Rewind," where they look back at some of the better moments while also aiming to update their sound and trying new approaches with a group of co-producers.
Anyone who lip-synchs in public on stage when you pay pounds 75 to see them should be shot.
The message has a natural look and fell through the lip-synch animation based on rendering technology for actual more than 12 languages.
Gay road movies also include phantasmagorical encounters, comical conflicts, and ultimately some loud preaching for tolerance along with a big group lip-synch.
If you do a heavy dance routine, at some point you're going to do a bit of lip-synch.
Simpson's telecast trial into a candy-colored, flatly rendered animated cartoon, Tim Lee (of Vancouver) expressionlessly recites Beastie Boys lyrics, while fellow Vancouverite Althea Thauberger's aspiring female singer-songwriters lip-synch against the beautiful Canadian landscape, and the Bay Area's Trisha Donnelly uses a trampoline to help herself achieve Iggy Pop's famous contortions.
Another one, @scott_thrill wrote, "How is Mariah Carey going to lip-synch on a show about singing live?
For his first video from Songs From the West Coast, Elton lined up actor Robert Downey Jr to lip-synch his way through I Want Love.
Washington, Jan 24 ( ANI ): A day after her triumphant rendition of the National Anthem at the Inauguration ceremony in Washington, DC on Monday, a rep for the US Marine Corp Band revealed that Beyonce chose to lip-synch the song over a pre-recorded track at the last minute.
Berenson disciplines herself to cry and lip-synch to Piaf so she's invested enough to show she cares about Vezzoli's vision.
Make sure you lip-synch good," the Mirror quoted John as saying.
Beyonce is not the first superstar to lip-synch during a major performance.
Like some overripe Nancy Drew, Betty cheerfully embraces the task of helping Rita uncover her past, a creepy bit of detective work that leads them to a rotting corpse in a bungalow and a ghostly all-night theater where would-be divas lip-synch spellbinding Spanish love songs.