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shaped in the form of a lip

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For $15, there's a heart-shaped, rose-shaped or lip-shaped chocolate box, each filled with six small XOXO chocolate pieces and two chocolate lips.
The female models sat on a lip-shaped settee and looked quirky but glamorous while I finished the design on our male model.
Slipper orchids (Paphiopedilums), popular in Victorian times with their waxy leaves and lip-shaped pouch at the front of the flower, are again becoming popular.
Shoe designer Beverly Feldman crossed over into housewares this year with a provocative line of sexed-up products, including lip-shaped sponges and buckets with oversize bows.
There are always lots of Valentine's Day themed decorations and trinkets on the high street at this time of year, but the tongue-incheek sequin hearts, lip-shaped candles and cerise pink napkins certainly aren't to everyone's taste
The 2C injection bottle provides a unique lip-shaped window through which the color of the content can be seen, while at the same time, the larger part of the content stays UV protected.
When she returned to her table, Beverly Hills accessory designer Katherine Baumann gave Longoria a red, crystal-covered, lip-shaped handbag.
In addition, there are pink dusters, lip-shaped sponges and solid-color buckets.
Slipper orchids (Paphiopedilums), trendy in Victorian times with their waxy leaves and lip-shaped pouch at the front of the flower, are again becoming popular.
Electra sizzled in a black garter belt and thigh-high stockings as she teased her fans from within a metal cage and on a lip-shaped couch, at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, reports the Sun.
The interior has an attractively carved mahogany bar and a collection of drinking seats, ranging from a lip-shaped sofa to fake leopard-skin coverings, along with more traditional wooden chairs and tables.
Have some fun by buying heart-shaped and lip-shaped stickers and applying them to wine glasses, make a border on white side plates - even spread a few around the home on mirrors and even unexpected places (even the loo seat isn't out of bounds
uk; pounds 30 You'll get a big kiss when you give someone this lip-shaped phone, pounds 30, Urban Outfitters; pounds 20 This pretty pink lingerie is ideal for the lady of the house, bra pounds 20, shorts pounds 14, La Senza; pounds 24.
Asda also has fluffy heart and lip-shaped cushions from pounds 3.
We recommend the lip-shaped bag from his own range.