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interpret by lipreading

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Participants were able to lip-read video clips of themselves consistently and more accurately than video clips of others.
The system, called "Watch, Attend and Spell," can correctly lip-read 50 percent of silent speech correctly, while professional lip-readers only got 12 percent right, researchers found.
The NDCS have created invaluable waterproof visual aids, including flipcards, with pictures and signs, so the young pupils don't always need to lip-read.
Learning to lip-read is a great way of building up confidence and will help you to cope with some of those awkward situations that make you feel anxious.
It's occasionally amusing, particularly when Frankie tries to learn to lip-read, but it's mostly rubbish.
We'd all end up with cushions covering our ears trying to lip-read the characters on screen.
Former England rugby champ Ben Cohen, who is strutting his stuff on Strictly, suffers from tinnitus and has to lip-read with dance partner Kristina Rihanoff.
Dr Lewkowicz went a step further, wondering whether babies look to the lips for cues as well, sort of like how adults lip-read to decipher what someone's saying at a noisy party.
Remember that God can lip-read and see into your heart, too.
My deaf daughter needs to lip-read and can't communicate if she can't see someone's face.
They said they had lip-read Finnan shouting abuse at the United player.
They wrote messages, mouthed words and I tried to lip-read, but I sensed their exasperation.
This tribute to HAL describes the state of computer science relative to HAL's prophecy of machines that lip-read, recognize and synthesize speech, reason, and interact with humans.
Sent to boarding school at age 4, he quickly picked up sign language, and even began to lip-read Italian by spending weekends with his grandmother.