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brightly striped fish of the tropical Pacific having elongated spiny fins

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Lionfish are an invasive species and there have been several Panhandle dive groups that have organized rodeos, killing thousands of these fish, but that is only a drop in the bucket of their population numbers.
Hosts Three-Day Event to Promote Awareness and Gauge Impact of Lionfish on Ocean Habitat and Economy
OceanGate, Nova Southeastern University and Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Host Three-Day Event to Promote Awareness and Gauge Impact of Lionfish on Florida's Economy and Ocean Habitat
Whether the so-called mimic octopus could impersonate Madonna or President Bush remains unclear, but researchers say the long-armed wonder does a great sea snake and lionfish.
Most recently, OGI received additional praise when the Antipodes submarine was utilized for the previously mentioned Expedition Lionfish, which was covered by both domestic and international press.
The predators had no problem gobbling up the spiky lionfish - in fact they could not seem to get enough and went into a dramatic feeding frenzy.
A three-pronged paralyzer tip is popular among lionfish hunters, as it prevents the lionfish from possibly sliding down the shaft, where its fins could injure the diver.
With cow-nosed rays and lionfish, fearsome shoals of barracuda and moray eels you will be lost in the Totally Tropical themed adventure.
A pride of poisonous lionfish are proving a roaring success after going on display in a giant ocean tank at Tynemouth's Blue Reef Aquarium.
The Martin County Artificial Reef Fund, which sunk this vessel and others in the area to provide habitat for species and opportunities for anglers and divers, holds its annual Reef Builders Fishing Tournament and Lionfish Round-upon Saturday, July 12.
In addition, OceanGate's Expedition Lionfish, which took place off the coast of Florida, received international attention for connecting researchers and stakeholders as part of a larger dialogue to address the economic and environmental impacts of the lionfish epidemic.
Butterfly fish, angelfish, cornet fish, lionfish, porcupine fish, octopus and huge Napoleon rass go drifting past me as I descend to a depth of 10 metres, furiously equalising every inch of the way.
For example, warming-related pest infestations have killed millions of acres of trees in the American West, while increased water temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean is helping the spread of tropical fish such as the poisonous lionfish.
Fish with sharp fins like lionfish should have their fins clipped before going into the bag.
The Fat Cat Finimals feature animals made to look like fish, with characters including cowfish, dogfish, lionfish and more.