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brightly striped fish of the tropical Pacific having elongated spiny fins

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Similarly, the festival gives enthusiastic residents the opportunity to see and learn about the colourful and friendly banner fish, the anatomies of shark, kingfish and hamour, octopus, lionfish, white spotted shovelnose, carpet shark, spangled emperor as well as Indo- Pacific coral reefs with the assistance of the guides and video presentations.
You can see the deadly lionfish and elusive Moray Eels, some of the more dangerous creatures living alongside the weird and wonderful cow fish and hawkfish.
Treatment for stings from lionfish and other scorpionfish species is the same as for stingray wounds, he said.
The octopus can ape at least three critters--the flatfish, lionfish, and sea snake, Tregenza's team claims.
And the publicity materials load up on adjectives of terror: ``dangerous'' aquatic animals, ``venomous'' radiated lionfish and coral catfish, ``ravenous'' water monitors.
Blue-ringed octopus, cone shells, stonefish, and firefish (also known as lionfish and turkeyfish) are other poisonous creatures presented.
In some cases, specific color combinations (black and red or black and orange) act as a beacon warning the species is poisonous and dangerous to attack, as is the case of the lionfish (Pterois volitans).
They can mimic flounders, anemones, sea snakes, mantis shrimps, lionfish and even a stingray -- in both shape and behaviour.
A gigolo named Antoine (Oded Fehr), whom poverty-stricken Deuce jealously observes one day escorting a beautiful woman in his sleek sports car, helps Deuce with his Koi-pond cleaning and ends up asking him to care for his ailing Chinese tailbar lionfish in his Malibu pad while he's out of the country.
And barely 20 minutes drive from the centre you can dive down a stunning coral wall inhabited by a glorious variety of reef creatures - everything from spiky lionfish to gaping moray eels and delicate damsel fish swaying in the gentle current.
The lionfish (below left) is one of the ocean's tough guys.
Lionfish Investments Pte Ltd, an investment vehicle managed by Seatown Holdings International Pte.
Unlike invasive animals such as Burmese pythons and lionfish, which threaten native species and habitats, Barton believes coyotes are benefiting wildlife and the environment in Florida, just as the gray wolf has done in the West.
With four divers they shot 196 lionfish out of Panama City.
Already the widening of the Suez Canal has brought the lagocephalus, also known as silver-cheeked toadfish, which is an extremely poisonous type of pufferfish, and the lionfish, another venomous marine fish, to Cyprus, coordinator of the event Kelly Martinou said.