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a herbicide that kills weeds without harming vegetables

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Rahman A, Manson BE, Burney B, Whitham JM (1975) Residual activity of atrazine, alachlor and linuron under different soil and climatic conditions.
provides Linuron market situation overview and supplies with a list of Linuron manufacturers and suppliers worldwide
Tessenderlo Kerley Acquires Linuron Herbicide Enterprise of
Administration of potentially antiandrogenic pesticides (procymidone, linuron, iprodione, chlozolinate, p,p'-DDE, and ketoconazole) and toxic substances (dibutyl- and diethylhexyl phthalate, PCB 169, and ethane dimethane sulphonate) during sexual differentiation produces diverse profiles of reproductive malformations in the male rat.
Kookana RS, Gerritse RG, Aylmore LAG (1990) Effect of organic cosolvent on adsorption and desorption of linuron and simazine in soils.
TKI) announced today the purchase of the linuron herbicide assets from DuPont Crop Protection, Wilmington, Delaware.
They found 11 pesticides (including herbicides like alachlor,atrazine, butylate and linuron, and insecticides like carbofuran and fonofos) in rains collected at agricultural sampling stations.
A mixture of the "anti-androgens" linuron and butyl benzyl phthalate alters sexual differentiation of the male rat in a cumulative fashion.
Comparison of anti-androgenic activity of flutamide, vin-clozolin, procymidone, linuron, and p,p'-DDE in rodent 10-day Hershberger assay.
Walker A, Zimdahl RL (1981) Simulation of the persistence of atrazine, linuron and metolachlor in soil at different sites in the USA.
Antiandrogenic effects both in vitro and via maternal exposure in vivo have been reported in response to the herbicide linuron (Gray et al.
1990) in the sorption of linuron and fenamiphos in some Western Australian soils.
Linuron, which is an antiandrogen and has been associated with androgen-related reproductive effects in rats, has a prominent AR slice in our data due to activity in the cell-based HTS assay for AR antagonism plus the biochemical AR binding assay (Lambright et: al.
1/2] Atrazine 100 60 Benomyl 1900 240 Chlorothalonil 1380 30 Chlorpyrifos 6070 81 Chlorthal-dimethyl 5000 45 Cyfluthrin 100 000 30 DDT 25 000 10 000 Dicofol 189 000 60 Dimethoate 20 7 Endosulfan 12 400 50 Fenamiphos 100 43 Fenarimol 600 360 Fenvalerate 5300 35 Iprodione 700 14 Linuron 400 219 Malathion 1800 1 Metalaxyl 50 70 Methamidophos 5 6 Methazole 3000 14 Methiocarb 300 3 Methomyl 72 30 Metolachlor 200 90 Metribuzin 60 40 Mevinphos 44 3 Permethrin 100 000 30 Prometryn 400 60 Propyzamide 243 59 Simazine 130 60 Thiram 670 30 Trifluralin 8,000 60 Mean recharge Daily recharge Pesticide Time (%) Time (%) Atrazine 235 12.
Similarly, results for the well-known androgen receptor (AR) antagonists linuron, prochloraz, and vinclozolin (Wilson et al.