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horizontal beam used as a finishing piece over a door or window


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Trust director, Peter Pearce, said "For over 20 years we have been fighting to rescue this extraordi nary castle from a state of ruin The installation of these lintels represents a very exciting stage in the work being carried out.
This enigmatic quotation was carved in a granite lintel at Stevens Linen Works in 1859.
There is the odd one or two with a curved head to the doors or windows but not many and the reason is we have fallen out with arches - instead we rely on flat lintels because they are easier to build and rarely fail.
The success of the Rapid Mixer upgrade compelled General Shale to contact Standley Batch regarding replacement of another mixer in its precast lintel plant.
Whenever I have had to fit a curtain rail, I have found it difficult to find a really good drill bit that will penetrate the concrete lintel.
The Lintel Group's long tradition of differentiating itself against the competition, combined with its strategy of aggressive marketing and network roll-out, has made it the top provider in terms of market share in both Sierra Leone and Gambia.
Should the breeze blocks behind the fire have a lintel across them?
His companies have included steel lintel manufacturer Catnic Components, now owned by Corus, and electronics manufacturer Sanken Power Systems in Mountain Ash.
For example, the exterior station includes a masonry section with the mock-up of a window, lintel, sill, balcony with railing and air conditionser sleeve and the details that are involved to replace, repair and waterproof.
An original bread oven, substantial timber lintel and beamed ceiling lend even more character to the room.
The concrete lintel - described by police as "very heavy" - was wrenched out of its bracket at the weir at Offchurch Bury on Monday between 2pm and 6pm, causing the water level to drop by 18 inches.
To fit the door facings, cut one mitre for the lintel first, hold against the door to mark the other mitre, then nail in place, leaving a 3mm gap from the bottom of the door facing to the bottom of the lintel.
One of these is the lintel over the entrance to the southern side chamber, whilst the other is a smaller slab at a higher level in the same wall.
She said: "Above the door of the semi-detached cottage next door is a triangular lintel stone which names the house as Old Hall.
But it's likely the pool will now re-open some time in June while the authority waits for a lintel to support the fire exit door to pool two to be manufactured and then transported from continental Europe.