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fine ravellings of cotton or linen fibers

cotton or linen fabric with the nap raised on one side

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He has that ''hard to identify quality, that je ne sais quoi,'' Lint said.
The private sector commercial exporters also brought lint of all qualities in order to raise their liquidity crunch for making banks payments besides to make premium to the growers.
For frequent cleaning of the lint trap, the hand-held Lint Trap Brush attaches to the flexi rods, reaching all the way to the bottom of the trap and twisting the lint upward and out.
The technology in the Windex(R) Dry Microfiber Cloths helps to cut down on cleaning time because the cloths won't leave streaks and lint behind.
The new Coradia Lint is a two-car Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) that can run at a speed of 120 km per hour.
Brawny Textured Household Cloth: With 40% more cloth space than the competition, the Brawny Textured Household Cloth is 100% rayon for lint free cleaning (some competitors include polyester).
The most recent agreement will also see Alstom modernize 13 present Coradia Lint trains so they can be functioned as multiple units.
Ginners trade delegations can get subsidy on travel and daily expenses for penetration of Pakistani lint into the international markets, Alamgir said while addressing a seminar titled 'Quality lint for Value Chain' here.
Take Circa 1968, 2004, around which the show revolved: a large-scale cast that took some six months to make from the lint of roughly ten thousand pounds of laundry collected from a tumble dryer (using a process Kelly devised in 1999).
They wipe, clean, clear, spray, scrub, dust, and pick lint, making dingy walls shine and returning the caves to their natural states.
The Auto Lint Clean System automatically helps reduce lint from clothing and bedding.
The set includes 2 lint rollers, a large size for use on fabrics, clothes, cars seats and more and a pocket size for when you are on the move.
com to put information about his Branch Hair and Lint Gripper in front of potential licensees over the next 2 years.
com/news/125203-next-gen-nexus-10-press-renders-leak-indicate-lg-manufactured-for-299) according to Pocket Lint.
When joined in series with the new Magnum extractor feeder, the Magnum pneumatic jet lint cleaner, and the Magnum 142 saw-type lint cleaner, the Magnum 244 gin stand leads the industry in both innovation and capacity, breaking the 30-bale-per-hour per gin stand barrier.